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News from KYC while on tour.

Day One of KYC Tour 2011

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(Written July 8th, by Jean and Holli)


In the beginning….

Swarms of choristers converged upon the meeting place, laden with luggage and bright expectations. Their luggage was piled beside the bus, and the bright expectations parked at a table and folded programs. We had been warned to stay out of the way of the important people.

The bus was loaded, and prepared for departure with a minimum of fuss. Before the mass of humanity was allowed to teem onto the bus, Oren Yoder gave a devotional, and we practiced lining up and calling out our assigned numbers. A few cautionary remarks by our driver (Bill Schrock) and we were off. We drove for 2 hours then stopped in Emporia for lunch.

Now, we have about an hour left before we make our grand entrance into Lincoln, Mo. We spent our time on the bus discussing various issues of the day, and basically getting to know each other a bit better. After lunch, smart people with well-ordered priorities caught up on the sleep they lost in the rush of packing.

Andrew contributed one of our first God-stories of the trip. He was very sick last night and didn’t know if he would be able to go along. He texted several people and requested prayer. God healed him, and he is now on tour, though rather weak. Blessed be God!


Less inspiring comments

  • Some people’s water bottles can hang on the seat hooks
  • There are lot of neat ways to get through the aisles when the way is blocked
  • Big discussions about God are great for eavesdropping on
  • It has been a relaxing day on the bus
  • *Zeke now has a coordinating neck-tie made by Janice.


* Zeke is the tour mascot.


Written by Aaron

July 9, 2011 at 1:52 pm

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  1. At Farmer’s Market today Dale Conkling raved about the Cedar Crest program and said he liked it so much he’s planning to come to the Center one too. Thanks to the person who saw him at Third Thursday and invited him.

    Miriam Iwashige

    July 9, 2011 at 8:27 pm

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