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News from KYC while on tour.

Day 2

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(Written by Alicia and Connie)


Last night, we arrived at Gospel Light Fellowship Church in Lincoln around 4:30. We had time to change into uniforms and eat a wonderful supper of haystacks that they prepared for us. After supper, we warmed up and gathered for prep time. Despite several mistakes, the program went fairly well. The atmosphere was very worshipful and the audience responded well. We were pleasantly surprised when David and Emily Yutzy walked in with their sister-in-law and family. They had come to visit for the weekend and were able to take in our program.

After the program, we found out where we would be spending the night. Everyone had a good night of sleep and we met at church this morning at 8:00 or soon after. =) One important note: With much effort, you can get 6 girls and 6 girls’ luggage for 10 days into 1 small car. Also, they can find their way back to the church with no directions, only their memory and much discussion.

At church, they served us doughnuts and coffee. Then we were free to do whatever until brunch at 10:00. Some walks were taken, some volleyball was played, and some people were entertained by Johan, who told us about everything from flat hay-bales to bobcats to stones being ice when thrown into coffee.

We loaded up the bus and left at 11:00. We spent some time discussing the program the night before. Julian talked to us about what to expect at our programs in prisons. We had some quiet time for awhile and we also did a lot of talking and singing. We stopped for supper about 4:00 and changed into our uniforms at the restaurants where we ate.

Our program was at Jacksonville Correctional Facility and we arrived around 5:00. It took a little while to go through security, but the guards were very friendly. We proceeded through many doors to a large gym where the program was to be held. The lights created a very obnoxious buzzing noise and it was extremely difficult to be heard.

Despite all this, the evening was amazing. The inmates loved it and it was great worshipping with them. Their choir sang several songs for us and they were very loud and enthusiastic. They were very involved in the service and were an amazing blessing to us.

We got back on the bus and discussed the program and how we felt about it. We had about 2 hours of traveling left before we got to Arcola, Illinois. More conversation and singing was done until we arrived.


Written by Aaron

July 10, 2011 at 3:55 am

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