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Wednesday, Day 6 (+ Tuesday Night; – Wednesday Night)

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(Written by David and Euni)

Well, We’re spending most of our time in Canada now days, which accounts for the decrease in phone calls, texts, etc. (Just a hint, if you wanna annoy a choir member just call them up and talk for a long time; just be prepared for a large bill in the mail.) FYI, my phone is on airplane mode, so you won’t have any luck there. (:

The weather here is nice, eh. Not cold or hot, just pretty pleasant, eh. It is so nice to be “Oat and a’boat!”

Our first program in Canada was at Crystal View Mennonite Church close to Kitchener, Ontario. One singer exclaims that it felt somewhat different to sing at a Mennonite church than a Beachy church, because they seemed to care more about our names than our parents’ names (no offense to all our parents–your names are nice too!) The acoustics were very refreshing for a change, and the program went well, Praise the Lord! I think it was our largest church program so far, probably close to 300 folks. We experienced some amazing Canadian hospitality and headed out for an exciting day in Toronto Wednesday morning.

For those of you who don’t know, Toronto is the largest city in Canada, containing around 3 million inhabitants. Toronto is stellar and beautiful. Gigantic glass skyscrapers, tons of people (literally), cool cable powered street cars, subway…the subway was absolutely horrifying. I was expecting some docile, enclosed train like a tram at an airport, but instead I discovered an open trough with tracks laid several feet into the ground, and as I approached the train whizzed right by my face at a neck-breaking speed, and screeched to a halt. As I expressed my shock and surprise concerning the safety of the subway station, a friend calmly reassured me that “people get pillaged sometimes. They just fall in…” Well, so much for the stats of the city. I would not like to bore you.

We arrived in Toronto around 10:00 am; that is to say we arrived in the designated park around 10 (we had been in the enormous “country” of Toronto for some time before we arrived in our destination). We met with Enos Miller (married to Clair Schnupp’s daughter Carolyn), who’s family lives close to Toronto and has a ministry with First Nations folks in the city. He had us divide into 8 groups and sent us out into different ethnic communities in Toronto. We ate lunch in some very swell ethnic restaurants and interacted with shopkeepers and folks on the street. We then made our way back to the Millers’ “church,” a small building they are fixing up as an authentic First Nations restaurant. There we ate our supper, changed clothes, did our warmups, and just pretty much prepared ourselves for the evenings activities in whatever ways possible.

Here are pictures of some of the groups.

Here is some Vietnamese food that we ate… And yes, we did use chopsticks.

God has been doing some incredible things on this tour. Our goal as a chorus is to make much of Jesus, and we praise Him for magnifying His glory in the lives of many people on this trip. His glory and His renown are the desire of our hearts!

Just as a heads up, God did some really amazing things Wednesday evening in Toronto, and I’ll let you read more about that in the next post. God bless y’all, and thanks so much for your support and prayers!


Written by Aaron

July 15, 2011 at 3:18 pm

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