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Friday, Day 8

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(written by Tim Yoder and Janice Miller)

As all the other ones start, we arrived at our destination last night. Of course what else do you do? Our destination was Guys Mills, PA and we sang at Plainview Gospel Fellowship Church. Overall, we as a choir were feeling more prepared, mostly because we realized that even if we have done the programs quite often, we still have to look to God to work through us.

While standing around the sanctuary preparing for our first song, Gerald Miller (a former Kansan) welcomed us and continued talking, waxing sentimental. Also among the crowd were many friends and families of choir members. There was no surprise, when God again used His imperfect people to bring glory to Himself.

We dispersed to our different places of abode. Most of the choir members had made lodging arrangements prior, and others were assigned to the local families, all of which demonstrated great hospitality. We especially appreciated the late call time at 9:00am and it made for many happy people.

We left the Guys Mills area very pleased with the warm reception we received. When we did count to see if everyone was here, we shattered our original record of 13.4 seconds so now our new record is 12.74 seconds and we hope to lower it even more. On the route to our destination at Westville Correctional Facility, some people played games in the aisle, watched a King Singers concert, looked at pictures, listened to parts of our program from Woodlawn over the speakers, a  very intense discussion about dealing with grief and of course many other various happenings. As we say, ‘being on the bus is like being on the bus’.


Written by Aaron

July 16, 2011 at 3:36 pm

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