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Sunday, Day 10 as well as Saturday evening program

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(Written by Jean and Holli)

On Saturday evening, we gave two programs at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center. The first one was to a group of women, our first women’s group on tour. The girls finally got a chance to interact with the inmates. We got to know a few of their stories before we started singing, which made most of the songs a lot more meaningful. The women were actually filing out as we sang our farewell song, and it made it so much more poignant, because we really were blessing them as they went forth into an uncertain future.

The next group was a bunch of men.  The guys got to go out and talk to them for nearly half an hour at the beginning.  This was partly to use up the 3 hours we had scheduled without trashing our voices.   This part of the program was pretty relaxed.  We especially appreciated the inmate who told one of the guys, “I’ve been looking forward to this all day!  I’ve just been singing ‘Open the Eyes of My Heart‘ and ‘Blessed be Your Name‘ all day long!”   The same energetic gentleman explained that he was saving up for Christian heavy metal CD.

The security was more negotiable than some of the other prisons done.  Case in point: one chorus member got in with the hotel key she had stolen that morning.

After we finished at the prison, the chaplain, who happens to be Danny and Euni’s uncle Calvin Yoder, invited the whole chorus to a Mexican restaurant for supper.  Los Potrillos had been warned ahead of time and actually hired extra help for the occasion.  We feasted on chimichangas, and quesadillas, and taco salads. For an extra bonus, we sang Glory Glory Hallelujah for the staff. We split up into people’s houses for the night. Then next morning, we sang at Sharon Bethel Church in Kalona, Iowa. There was no air conditioning in the church, with about 85% humidity, so it was a cosy time singing. Thankfully no one fainted, though there were a few considering it. After Julian’s exposition, there was a lovely carry-in meal, which we all enjoyed immensely.

Then we were off for the next stop, the wilds of Leon, Iowa. The majority of us slept on the way, as the morning was very exhausting.  The bus was actually quiet for nearly 2 hours!  (This was a new experience.) We were hugely grateful for the A/C on the bus.  Leon was our last program, so there was a mixture of melancholy and excitement in the choir. We actually sang in a school, because the church had been destroyed by a wind storm. After the program, they fed us a wonderful feast. We slept at various peoples’ houses, comforted by the fact that we had a 9:15 call time.


Written by Aaron

July 18, 2011 at 8:06 pm

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