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Monday. The Last Day of Tour.

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(Written by Julian & Bertha)

It was lovely to have a 9:15 call time Monday morning!  After we boarded the bus we attempted to have the fastest count ever but after two tries which ended in laughter and groans it was decided a postponement was in order.  Later in the day the previous record was broken when count was done in 11.97 seconds.  Much cheering greeted the announcement!  Not bad at all for counting from 1-38!

There were many conversations and some played games on the drive home.  A few who were attempting a serious conversation gave up with laughter when strains of “Step Into the Water” and other lively songs emanated from the back of the bus.  After some persuasion the quintet (two sets of brothers who dub themselves Garment of the Plains) came to the front of the bus and did an outstanding job of serenading us with good ol’ Gospel singing. We wonder how many on the bus secretly enjoyed their style which was quite different from the choral music we had been hearing for the last ten days.

In the last hour before we arrived home we had a good time of sharing.  Of interest was the history behind John being the conductor this year.  Lyle Stutzman took note of John’s musical interest and talent when John was twelve and took him under his wing which helped John be where he is today, blessing the chorus with his gift of conducting.  Bill, our bus driver also took a turn at the mike and gave a farewell speech since this will be his last year driving for the chorus.  He has been a good driver and has saved the chorus thousands of dollars over the years by his willingness to stay with host families rather than in motels.

We as a family thoroughly enjoyed our time on tour.  As Bertha said, the only negative things about tour were late nights, early mornings and living out of suitcases.  The tour schedule is a stretch for a family with a 3 year old but the members did a wonderful job of putting up with us.  It was a very good experience for our little family and we’re grateful we had the opportunity to go along on tour.

Some of our observations:
– Tour is NOT just a fun vacation-y sort of time.  We saw first-hand the dedication and discipline it takes to be part of the Kansas Youth Chorus. There were many times when people were weary but they got up to give a program with smiling faces and sang their hearts out.  We didn’t tire of hearing them sing!

– The harmony with which they sang was beautiful but the harmony in relationships was equally so.  We were impressed with how smoothly things went relationally on tour.  Since the schedule was pretty intense it was important for people to take time out for rest and rejuvenation.  They were a disciplined bunch and it was heart warming to see various ones sitting by themselves when we were off the bus… taking time to be alone with God so they could be ready to minister once again.

– It was refreshing to see and hear how God was working in very practical ways in people’s lives on tour.  The energy and enthusiasm these younger folks pour into living for God is a good reminder to those of us who are older to not become stagnant in living out our faith.

– Some choir members talked about having their horizons expanded on tour but they were not the only ones who were inspired to think beyond Reno County.  Our time with the Burmese folks in IN and our day in Toronto were good reminders of the many people who don’t know God and how much He longs for them to come to Him.

Our prayer and desire for the chorus members is that tour will have been a time of growth spiritually, emotionally, and socially. May you look back on Chorus Tour 2011 as an important part in developing vision for missions, choral music, worship, your home church, and ultimately your role in God’s Kingdom. God Bless and God Speed!


Written by Aaron

July 20, 2011 at 8:07 pm

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