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Day 2

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Sunday, August 4  – Jewel and Anthony

Sunday morning found us braving the driving downpour to meet at Center at 4:50 A. M. Some of us considered building an ark to reach the Ellsworth Correctional Facility, but we realized we had started too late. We got there almost an hour late, and they tried to rush us through, but there were other people trying to get in and not an overabundance of staff. We only started the concert twenty minutes late, and our patient audience seemed to enjoy the concert.

Although some inmates seemed withdrawn or skeptical, as a whole they were fairly responsive, offering affirming words after the testimonies and during the skit. Tim engagingly asked them if they clean up before taking a shower. Then he said, “That’s the point of the shower!” And they laughed and agreed. Tim went on to say that we don’t need to clean up before coming to God, but that we’ll get clean when we come to Him and let Him work in our lives. When Frieda gave her testimony, someone behind Oren and Jo said, “Very well stated, sister!” And whenever the signs were turned during the skit, from their hurts and sins to ‘healed’ or ‘forgiven,’ they murmured their assent.

We went from the Central Unit to the East Unit for our second program, and had about as little preparation as the first program. We sang in a pretty sweet little chapel (emphasis on ‘little’); there were possibly ten inmates in the audience, with room for only about half of us to sit down.

Chaplain Herbie, from the Central Unit, introduced us at the second place because the chaplain from that unit wasn’t there. He said that we were from three different churches, and added, “That’s amazing. I never knew three churches who got along!” One of the inmates yelled out, “Yeah, these chaplains don’t even get along!” They hadn’t known that we were coming because of some miscommunication.

We found it harder at the second program to know if we were connecting, especially because of the brilliant spotlights trained on us. They were less verbally responsive, but we wondered if these guys are the core of the church there, since we didn’t seem to have drawn a crowd. Still, it was a good program, and they seemed to be encouraged.

We had a potluck afterwards at Center, which we were very ready for after a hard day’s work. Getting up at 4:00 really helps in working up an appetite. After cleaning our plates, we headed home to rest and pack for the trip the next day.


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