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KYC 2013 Day 1

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Saturday, Aug. 3 – Jonathan and Valerie

Tour this year started out with a day the Hutchinson/S. Hutchinson area.  We met at Cedar Crest for an excellent brunch and a short prayer time, then split up for personal time with God wherever we desired. People ended up in various places, including coffee shops, book stores, and the park.

Our first program was at Mennonite Friendship Communities in the Fireside Room at 3 PM, so we met there in time for some rehearsal before it started.  We had a good turnout, and, at least in my opinion, had a really good time.  There was a lot of appreciation expressed afterwards, with a comment that they don’t get to hear that kind of music often.

The committee then split us into groups for supper, with encouragement to try some smaller, local places.  We stopped at Word of Life Church to change clothes, then headed off to the places of our choosing.  My group (Jon), along with another one, had an excellent experience at a tiny, authentic Mexican joint on E. 4th.  I considered trying a pork stomach burrito, but chickened out and went with steak. Other groups enjoyed several other Mexican restaurants, and one Asian place.

After supper, we returned to Word of Life to change back into our chorus uniforms, then headed back to MFC for another program in the chapel. Everyone was feeling rather tired, but John encouraged us to think about where our focus was. Again, we had a really good time, the audience seemed to really enjoy it, and God was glorified.  We parted with encouragement to get to bed soon in preparation for a Very Early Morning.

It was a good day, and I was impressed with the way the leaders planned the day, and how much it actually felt like we were on tour even if we went back to our own homes for the night.


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