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News from KYC while on tour.

Day 4

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Tuesday, August 6 – Stephen, Mindy, and Anja

The day dawned bright and muggy as we, the surprisingly enthusiastic choir members, scurried to make the 6:45 call time. Random note: Stephen’s host was kind enough to offer an early morning raft trip to the place of meeting. He gracefully declined.

Notable activities on the bus included bus surfing (made difficult by the driver), games of True Colors and Phase 10, singing old KYC songs (which included standing on seats to see music provided by one laptop), story time with Uncle Caleb, and several numbers from a lively quartet. In contrast with all the activity, we had several refreshingly long spells of intentional quiet time. At lunch time, several girls found it necessary to jaywalk, or rather run, across a busy highway toward Burger King for the purpose of pinching their pennies. Others had less exciting times trying out a new restaurant, David’s Burgers, where their slogan was, “Pleased to meet you and meat to please you.”

After a leisurely prep time at the Shady Lawn Church, we left for the prison at 3:45. At the prison, we had plenty of waiting around and chill time as we went through security and prepared for the program.

The program was an intense as well as rewarding experience for many of us. Because of the warnings from people who had been in the prison before, we were surprised by the attentiveness of the audience. There seemed to be a number of Christians within the group. Others in the group seemed to identify with certain parts of the program. The skit especially seemed to resonate with various folks.

We met our hosts back at the church and were quite pleased by the long night that stretched ahead of us.


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