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Day 5 — with pictures!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013 – Aaron, Loren, Crystal

Most of the group was pleased with the late call time, although Loren didn’t think it was anything extra special. Instead of burning up the miles on the road all day, we hung out in a cave—namely, Blanchard Spring Caverns. We were told the cave was millions and millions of years old. We learned through a song that Father Time and Mother Nature made the cave and named it Blanchard Cave. Truthfully, though, the cave is made up of calcium bicarbonate and various minerals and water. Lots of dripping happens.


The cave really is impressive. Its size and beauty and sheer awesomeness really amazed us. We got to sing “We Thank Thee Lord,” “Freedom is Coming,” “Prayer of the Children,” and “Christ We Do All Adore Thee.” A group behind us in the cave got to hear the singing. We met one of the ladies from the group while we were at the springs, and she testified to being very blessed by the music as she heard it. “We just stopped and listened until you were done. It was wonderful.” She is going to try to convince the rest of her group to come to our concert this evening.

Elsie Mast packed a very peaceful and awesome lunch for us. She is sort of an aunt to everybody. We ate at a pavilion and even convinced our bus driver, John, to eat with us. Pre-lunch activities were watching some of the guys hauling around on the grass throwing water jug lids around as Frisbees. Maximum Desperate.


After lunch we all ended up eventually at the springs and frolicked awhile in the cold water. It really was quite nice. Stephen got really wet. We had a rendition (while at the springs) of “Come Get a Drink from the Well.” Oren struck up a conversation with random strangers. Euni tore her dress. Kerri got a cut on her foot. Aaron hated the cold water and wondered why he had ever stuck his feet in it.


Currently we are on the bus and John is flirting with Crystal. Just a little bit ago he was going around and examining all the stuffed animals and making sure they are friends with Zeke. Most everybody else is just resuming general swim. Some quotes from today so far:

“Look, a baby stop sign.” – John

“Facebook really doesn’t understand real life” – Aaron

Jewel to Frieda: “Like the old man said to his wife, I told you ‘I love you’ when I married you; if that changes, I’ll let you know.” David to Jewel: “If you’re going to be like that, I’m not going to marry you very quickly.” Oren to David: “Take your time.”

We got back in time to have 2+ hours of solo and “getting ready” time before meeting at church for prep time.


The program this evening was the first one in which Caleb finally found his big long testimony. The program really was a good one, and as a choir we felt God’s presence both in our lives and in the audience. By the way, the program was at the Shady Lawn Church near Mountain View, AR. This church has had much heartache in the past number of years and we trust they were blessed by the songs. We were all tremendously encouraged by the testimony of our brother Leslie. He is mentally handicapped, but really has a friendly manner about him and loves interacting with people. Jared felt a real kinship with him.

Myron Stoltzfus came up to Caleb after the program, patted his belly, and told him that it looks like marriage has been doing good things for him. After some talk, Myron assured Caleb that it looks good on him…

During the meal after the program, in which they served a potato bar (I guess they knew that was a KYC thing), Marvin managed to spill his water three times. Crystal kicked it over the first time, so his second cup he carefully placed under the chair. Then he promptly sat down and kicked it over. The third time he was holding the cup of water in his hand, and then while he was talking to a girl he got so distracted that he just poured it out onto the ground. At least I think that’s how I heard the story…


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