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Day 6

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Thursday, August 8, 2013 – Tim, Susanna, and Melanie

A leisurely call time had we.  10:00 found some of us busily loading our luggage.  Others came soon thereafter and we headed out on our short trek to Harrison.

We have a custom of having a bit of quiet time on most bus rides, much to the chagrin of certain chorus members (especially on short runs). Today we were assigned twenty minutes of quiet time right before arrival in Harrison. “Thing 1” was rather vocal about his disapproval of this instigation. His seatmates were gently chiding him and encouraging him to greater heights of maturity. Several minutes before the quiet time was about to start, “Thing 1” was still making lots of noise and proclaiming loudly that we “STILL HAVE TWO MINUTES!”  In the midst of his joviality, “Thing 1” plopped a bottle of tea on the window ledge, not realizing that he had indeed not replaced the cap. Hence, tea was splashed all over the seat and Miss “Thing 2” sitting across from him. “Thing 2,” thinking it was intentional, wadded a paper towel and fired it in return. Thus, “Thing 1” was properly humbled and loud laughter and mopping directly preceded our quiet time.

We arrived at Hillcrest Home in time for a 1:00 lunch and a 2:00 casual mini-program for the residents. As a finishing touch, “Garment of the Plains” sang “Come Get a Drink from the Well.” The residents loved it.  After they finished, one of the ladies kept repeating “Come to the well!” and cackling loudly. It was a joy.

We had several hours of free time before eating supper at 4:30 and heading over to First Presbyterian Church for the evening’s program. The church has a large sanctuary with beautiful acoustics. John described it afterwards as “a conductor’s heaven,” noting that “you can hear every stinking thing up there.”  It was one of the most fun programs musically.

Afterwards, our hosts took us all back to Hillcrest to get our luggage before heading home. From the reports this morning, most of the people had a really good time with their hosts.


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