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Day 8 — Last Day

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Saturday, August 10, 2013 – Marvin, Kerri, Christy

Thanks to our late arrival home Friday evening/Saturday morning, we were allowed to stay at home on Saturday until 5:40 p.m., which was our call time at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility (central location).  Security went quickly and we then gathered to warm up (pun intended) in the break room.

They escorted us upstairs to a large auditorium, where we were greeted by the loud roar of fans (the metal kind, not the human kind).  They were trying to cool the place down, which was nice, but it ruined the otherwise great acoustics. After some more warm-ups and discussion, we decided to turn off most of the fans, which allowed us to actually hear each other.

The program itself went really well. The men were responsive and the message really seemed to resonate with them.  Afterwards, one of the men said he thought it was angelic—he just closed his eyes and imagined he was hearing angels.  God definitely was present.

After that, most of the people went home while the rest went to the Ave A park to sing under the bridge. A band was singing in the nearby pavilion, so we waited to sing until they were finished. The moral of the story is that we did sing under the bridge and had a great time. After that, the more lively people enjoyed themselves at nearby restaurants.


Note from the blog editor: this is not quite the end of our concerts, but the rest are in our home churches; therefore, we will call the journal entries for KYC 2013 complete.


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