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Day 2 – July 27th On KYC

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After an over-all restful night at our host’s places we met at Osceola Christian Fellowship for warmups and prep before a 9:30 program. Because of the large stage we decided to try a two-row arrangement which made a bigger sound for the audience, and was an enjoyable change for the choir.

The congregation was very appreciative and we even got a number of comments from young children about how much they enjoyed it. We were able to connect well with the congregation, and Paul talked with a man who was still healing emotionally from an automobile accident in his past and he said that the program was meaningful in light of that.

After the program they fed us lunch before we left for Bastrop TX. After most people caught their Sunday afternoon naps, there was a live music session in the back on the bus. Zeke (our KYC mascot) also got an updated hat to match the ladies purple choir dresses.

We arrived at Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Bastrop at 4:30 where we found that the program was changed from 6:30 to 6:00. The church had a small sanctuary with very live acoustics which made singing a pleasure.

They served us supper after the program, and expressed their appreciation for our singing. Many of the choir members were able to make connections with people in the audience through the “Mennonite Game.” We again got comments on our expressions. One lady commented that it was nice that we didn’t look like a bunch of lemons “some choirs do.” We praise the Lord that he is answering our prayers that people would see Jesus and not us.

We all found places to sleep at host’s places. Ten of the fellows were hosted by a young man from the church. I hear they had an interesting time of enjoyable fellowship in the evening, and pizza, cinnamon rolls, and coffee for breakfast. A good bachelor breakfast eh?

Kenneth Shenk & Clarissa Miller

IMG_7752 IMG_7853 IMG_7715


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July 28, 2014 at 2:20 pm

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