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Day 3 – July 28th on KYC

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Call time was at 9:00 am on Monday morning. After we had everything loaded we headed for Argent Courts rest home in Bastrop to sing a few songs for the old people, and after doing a few circles through downtown Bastrop we finally got there.

We sang in the lobby and the residents and other staff passing through seemed to really enjoy the music. We also did the skit for them which was awesome as usual and enjoyed Paul & Martha’s yodeling as a bonus. Afterwards we talked to the residents and got ready to get back on the road. Zeke (our mascot) had a short conversation with one of the resident’s dogs who seemed to be unsure how to take Zeke’s forwardness, but enjoyed the exchange all the same. 🙂

Before we (Susanna & Kim) went to the rest home, we met up with our friend Jeannie for breakfast at a cute cafe in downtown Bastrop. Jeannie is a lady we met 2 years ago when the Cedar Crest youth group went to Bastrop for a mission trip. We painted her house that was built by CAM to replace the one her and her husband Russ lost in the wildfire. We had a really good time catching up with her and her 2 little girls Rosie and Eleanor. Jeannie is not a believer, so we were praying a lot about our time with her, and God definitely answered our prayers although she hasn’t changed where she stands. Please keep her in your prayers.

We left Bastrop around 11:30. Our next stop was for lunch in New Braunfels, TX. People ate at Chick-Fil-A, Schlotsky’s and McDonald’s. We had an hour break, so some people went shopping at the local Goodwill. Stephen, Tony & Kenneth found some pretty sweet straw hats there.

The afternoon on the bus consisted of quiet time, prayer group time, and random games & conversations, including story time with Uncle Kristen & Aunt Carolyn.

We arrived at the Deluxe Inn in Fort Stockton, TX at 8:00 p.m. It looked very interesting from the outside. Think Trail West Motel in South Hutch. The rooms turned out to be more deluxe than the outside, so it turned out okay.

After we got settled in our rooms, the cleaning crew cleaned the bus and excitedly found many treasures that people had left on the bus. The cleaning crew is in charge of administering penalties to whoever doesn’t properly put their things away. Stay tuned to hear what the penalty was. Meanwhile, everyone else wandered off to find food. After a ½ mile walk, we finally found a Mexican restaurant that was open. Since we are headed to Mexico and will be eating a lot of that type of food, some people thought it was a bad idea to eat Mexican while still in the states. Others were tired of walking and thought it was a great option and headed inside to eat some fantastic food. Several people went to Dairy Queen while the remaining half eventually decided to keep on walking in search of steak. They walked/jumped/ran through another 1 ½ miles of ghetto desert and finally arrived at their destination: K-Bob’s. By the time they got there, they had worked up some pretty good appetites and were quite excited about the prospect of good food. But to their dismay, the adventures weren’t over. They waited “forever” for their food (which came out cold). The plates at the salad bar were kept in a concealed place and when found had “mysterious, clear bumps” on them. For some reason, this didn’t keep Stephen from using the plate & enjoying his salad. 😐 To add to the drama, Marvin tried to order chicken-wagon rice instead of the the normal chuck-wagon rice. He was pretty sure he saw some chickens on the wagon somewhere. After all they’d been through, no one felt up to walking the 2 mile trek back to the Deluxe Inn, so they called our bus driver Tom up and he kindly picked them up.

Oblivious to the struggles the steak people were having, the rest of us had a peaceful walk back to the inn and had a great time hanging out there. After our adventurous day, the deluxe beds hit the spot!

Nelson Garcete & Kimberly Miller

IMG_7841 IMG_7807 IMG_7829


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