Kansas Youth Chorus

News from KYC while on tour.

Day 4 – July 29th on KYC

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After scrounging for breakfast, we were met at the bus at 10 o’clock by the local news photographer who shot our picture as we squinted into the bright Texas sunlight. Soon after we departed, the cleaning ladies handed down punishment on the people who had left belongings on the bus. The offenders had to get up in the aisle and sing “Father Abraham.” As we continued to drive toward the border, Tom pointed out several interesting rock formations and took us through a ghost town called Shafter. It was an old silver mining town; a sign proclaimed it the Silver Capital of Texas. After a short stop to explore a cemetery and an archive building stating the towns history, we continued our journey.

We are very thankful for quick border crossing and for the agents who filled out our touristas for us. We did, however, have to get off the bus with our suitcase and each person had to push a button that gave a red or green light announcing whether we could pass or get our luggage searched. But the process was much more painless than we feared it might be. It was then announced that we wouldn’t stop for lunch so major snacking parties broke out. We also made a quick stop to change our money to pesos.

When we were getting close to Oasis Colony, it was amazing to see the mountainous desert turn into lush green fields with circle irrigation. We had entered Mennonite territory. At around 3:00 we arrived at the gym where we sang that evening. We had the rest of the afternoon free; some played corn hole and some played volleyball with the local youth. Then they provided us with a delicious supper.

We gave the program in a very large gym because they were expecting a big crowd. They weren’t mistaken. Over 500 hundred people showed up and God did too. Tim feels we sang with more conviction than any program so far and there were many testimonies. We feel many people were blessed because of the positive feedback we heard after the program.

Marsha Ropp and Jonathan Yoder




Written by Aaron

July 30, 2014 at 1:34 pm

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  1. Thanks to all who are taking time to write! It’s great to hear what is happening! Safe travels, happy bus times, and spirit filled concerts to all! O yes- and if you want our opinion, the cleaning ladies are being too easy on the convicted- but then again we don’t know how many of you were in the aisle singing I guess! Take luck and we miss you! ( you know who you are!)

    Kristin Andrea and Emitt

    July 31, 2014 at 7:49 am

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