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Day 5 – July 30th on KYC

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On Wednesday morning we woke up in Oasis colony to a beautiful morning. We met at church, packed, and said our goodbyes. The people were very friendly and we really enjoyed our time there. Like most Mennonite colonies,the economy is primarily based on agriculture. In this area, they raise cotton, corn, watermelons, apples, and a few other crops. We drove for several hours through rolling mountains and several towns. Finally, we arrived in Cuahtemoc. We split up in random groups for authentic Mexican dining experience. Most people reported that the food was excellent except for one poor fellow who ordered a burrito loaded up with pig fat. After lunch we browsed through various shops and spent some time in the central park.

In the early afternoon we headed out for the Manitoba colony and did some fabric shopping in the Mennonite stores. The boys had little choice in the matter and expressed varying levels of interest in fabrics. We were surprised at the number of businesses and equipment dealerships in this area. This is a huge Mennonite colony and many of them are very wealthy. Finally we arrived at Gnadenthal church and unloaded in the gym. We played volleyball, got cleaned up, and ate pizza with the local youth. Since Arlyn had spent time there last summer, he enjoyed catching up with his former students and friends.

We paused for a quick group picture in front of their beautiful church house. The program went well and the people seemed to really enjoy it. During the kids skit, one little boy just couldn’t stop laughing and had most of the church laughing at him. The youth girls really enjoyed it and wanted to start something like that in their community. After church we split up to our hosts houses and were treated like royalty. One group of boys had a hoot camping with some of the Mennonite boys.

-Arlyn Miller and Crystal Headings


Written by Aaron

August 2, 2014 at 2:56 pm

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