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News from KYC while on tour.

Day 6 – July 31st on KYC

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We met at Gnadenthal Church in Chautemoc, Mexico around 9:30 in the morning and drove about two hours to Springfeld Church in Los Jagueyues. We spent most of the ride hashing various happenings of the night before and arrived at the church around 11:40. There we met some of the local church people and boarded trucks which took us to a picnicing spot close to the bottom of a tall mountain. Before we ate they sang some German and Spanish songs for us and we sang one for them in English and Zulu. We also sang some English songs together. For lunch they introduced us to disco (not a dance!) basically a massive stirfy fried up in a massive disk grill, kind of like a large wok. We also had tons of other amazing food. We required a lot of food to fortify us for the hike up the mountain that was planned for after lunch!

After the meal we grabbed lots of bottled water and reboarded the trucks to travel further in to the base of the mountain where we would begin our grueling hike. From the bottom to the top of the mountain the elevation rises about 1 1/3 miles. About half the group elected to stop before the steepest part and detour through the valley. The rest of us thought we were going to die as we struggled up the steep rocky slope in the intense Mexican heat. But we survived and were glad for the view it gave us.

Some of the girls, who weren’t in the mood for hiking, went fabric shopping instead. They had a good time as well!

After the hike we headed back to the church where we met our hosts and headed home to clean up for the program. We enjoyed a sumptuous supper in a park across from Ebenfeld Church, a sister church to Springfeld. As we gave our program at Ebenfeld we felt the Spirit at work. This church has experienced numerous tragic deaths recently, so some of the choir members were able to connect with individuals because of our shared experiences. This is a community that has been close to the Peters family in the past several years, so it was a treat for them to reconnect with old friends. Some of our members also enjoyed connecting with friends from Shenandoah Music Camp and SMBI.

Written by David Shenk and Kendra Shetler


Written by Aaron

August 2, 2014 at 2:59 pm

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