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Day 7 – August 1st on KYC

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Call time was 9:00 at Ebenfeld Church in the morning. Since most of us hadn’t really done a whole lot of shopping, we than went to a local shopping/grocery store around 9:30 to use some mexican money up. 🙂 after a half hour shopping, we headed to the border. This travel took around three hours, so we tried to use our time wisely. Lots of people of took the opportunity to use up hash time on the bus and Isaac had devotions and shared some of his lifestory once again. Since the drive was 3 hours we stopped for lunch where there were quesadilla and burrito venders on the side of the road. There were also some authenic indian shops close by so we browsed after we ate delicious food. We had to be back on the bus by 1:45 so we could head to the border.

We traveled for another hour an a half or more to the border. On the way military checkpoint stopped us and one soldier walked through the bus. At the point it seemed a little freaky but our bus driver was calm and was used to this happen so it was nothing to worry about. Our bus driver gave them plenty of water to drink. We moved on, and stopped at a check out point to turn in our touristas and get our passports stamped. It was a false alarm because they were out of electricity. So we had to go on the border which was about another half hour or less, to turn in our touristas and get stamped. Some of the people got lost so we were looking around for them. Thankfully our mexican tour guide came up to the bus and realized we didn’t have all our people. So he went running and looking for them. From the bus we saw him holding part of a fence back for the people to squeeze through. John got a cut on his forehead from escaping through the fence. 🙂 It was good to see them and hysterical to watch them crawl through. The place was absolutely packed and it took an hour and a half to cross the border. We had take out all our belongings off the bus and go through security.

After all that, we headed to a motel in the city of El Paso, Texas. El Paso is right against the border of Texas. After settling in and saying our goodbyes to our bus driver Tom, most of the people head for a place to eat food. Some people enjoyed McDonalds. Others enjoyed Texas Roadhouse and Applebees. 6 girls took the privilege of going to Walmart next door for food, and enjoying a picnic at the top of a wall. Which was really cool because you could see view of the city. After food there was a various amount of shopping and chilling outside of the motel. It was good day for all 🙂 And we are happy to be back in the states even though we miss Mexico. We also met our new bus driver, John, who will be driving for the next three days.

Stanley Nisly and Carolyn Miller


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August 2, 2014 at 3:06 pm

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