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Day 9 – August 3rd

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Times in this log of our day are approximate and not intended to be strictly accurate.

7:48 Just in case you’ve taken this for granted, all the choir members did wake up, dress, and eat breakfast this morning. We don’t know how many of them took showers, but no one smelled too much like a dead skunk, so we all assumed the best.

9:46 Mennonite Evangelical Church. The aforementioned choir members arrived for warm-ups and prep time while the rest of the church had Sunday school. (Pastor John thought that they would see some new faces in Sunday school, if the church members had to bring their guests that early!) We had practiced the night before, so we didn’t have a lot to do.

10:17 During prep time, Kristen talked about the Old Testament story of God commanding that the singers go out before the Israelite army; God would fight for them, but they were called to be there and worship Him. He suggested that perhaps that is our calling as well. We spent some time praying then; there were a lot of people feeling sick-ish, and that put a bit of a damper on their anticipation of the program.

10:51 After their praise and worship team led a song, we took the stage they vacated. We felt pretty small in the immense sanctuary. (Side note: Several years ago, Daniel Peters designed the layout of the stage and sanctuary. Pretty cool!) There were some responsive faces – one lady was weeping during “Rest” – but the crowd was large, and it wasn’t easy to connect with them. It was also hard to hear each other because of the acoustics. Some people really enjoyed the morning, but most of us found it to be pretty hard work.

12:54 Some of us took the bus to the church’s school to eat lunch; others followed in various host to p vehicles. Before lunch, we undressed and re-dressed in more comfortable clothes – more appropriate for the volleyball that was to follow the meal. The meal, by the way, was a potluck, and we encountered some unfamiliar food. Some pots were luckier than others, that’s for sure. Those of us who got the verenika really felt blessed, while those who got a watery vegetable soup or some indefinable meat weren’t quite so thrilled.

2:48 The after-meal clean-up was leisurely, to say the least. Restless volleyball-hungry choir members kicked it off, but it took awhile to get the floor clear and the nets up. We played one round of volleyball, and then realized if we wanted to shower before an early supper, we had to get back to our hosts’ places.

5:04 “The timing of supper wasn’t the most optimal,” says Tony, “being only four hours after lunch, but the food was amazing.” The Somerfeld church provided barbecued ribs, mashed potatoes, salad, and fruit. It was above and beyond our needs, but nice anyway.

5:49 We eased into the sanctuary and onto the risers, and soon discovered that these folks knew how to build a church with great acoustics. The sound effortlessly rolled all the way to the back of the sanctuary. We were feeling pretty tired, though, and were struggling to focus. Coming off of our morning program, we were dealing with fatigue and health issues. It felt like it was the end of tour, and our nerves and our bodies were a bit frazzled.

6:42 We prayed and talked through the challenges ahead of us; our physical fatigue was tough, but we also felt like there was spiritual darkness we were confronting. Nelson shared some verses about coming to God and resting in Him. We were amazed at how God used that time to help us focus on Him and His power, and have confidence that He would again fight for us.

7:10 We started a bit late, because one of the church members had a lengthy spiel to kick off the service. We thoroughly enjoyed the program. From the first notes of “Hosanna”, we knew this was going to be a special program. The sound was terrific, but even more than that, we had an amazing freedom and joy as we sang and spoke. God blew our socks off. Even afterward, it was hard to contain our elation. We gathered in a circle and praised God for awhile! He clearly had received the glory that night!

8:45- midnight We split up to our various hosts’ places, and our activities varied according to our inclinations and fatigue level. Jewel testifies that her hosts’ nephew provided pizza and wings, and it was a good time.

We were really grateful for the gift of that last program; it felt that we ended the tour on a good note. God was strong in our weakness. He’s good all the time!

Jewel Yoder & Tony Shetler


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August 5, 2014 at 8:41 pm

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