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Saturday, July 25. First day on tour. El Dorado Prison

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Saturday, we left on tour. It was a hot and dry and windy day. We had to be dressed in our program garb because of giving a program at the El Dorado prison an hour after we left. Being dressed like that while loading up was highly unfortunate. I wouldn’t advise it to anybody, except someone I didn’t like much. We got hot and sweaty while loading up and the girls got their hair blown around and messed up, but oh well. We got it done. Actually, I personally did not have to work much, but the luggage and riser guys did have a harder time of it. They sweated more than we did.

Call time was at 2:45pm, then we left at 4:00pm. Of course we got bored while waiting around to leave, but that was ok. It’s ok to be bored occasionally. About five minutes after leaving people were jumping up and eating snacks like they were hungry. Some people are strange that way. Travis made about fifteen trips from the back of the bus to the front buying drinks for people. He is generous like that.

We had to wait for a while until going through security, but that all went smoothly (except Kerri kept beeping). The program was very enjoyable. The guys were responsive, especially a long bearded guy in a wheelchair. He kept dancing around (in his chair), and helping direct and such like things. Some of the guys talked to him later and he was full of jokes and other strangeness. A nice guy. There were two guys in front row that were whispering to each other during the whole program, but they did seem to enjoy it none-the-less. After the program we got to shake hands with a lot of the men that came to listen; the program was a blessing to them and to us.

Kerri reports being very hungry after the program when we got back on the bus. The testimony of most of the rest of the group was that they were hungry as well. For some reason the snacking before the program did not help things much. Daniel Peters got the good idea (since he didn’t realize we were not stopping for supper) that we should call ahead and order some pizza. We stopped, picked up six pizza’s, and barely 20 minutes later they “licked the platter clean.” It went away really fast.

Lots of the girls and a few of the guys made some “glasses” out of glow sticks. Jeremy says they improved everyone’s looks tremendously. Other events in the evening included James Shetler sneezing with great gusto. The lights were off, and lots of the group were sleeping, so it woke a bunch of us up. A really great big sneeze. Deep into the night a number were also having deep conversations about New Testament vs. the Old Testament, and Romans and stuff like that. Talk to Stephen, Christi, Kristi or Arlyn for more information on that.

We were hoping to arrive in Lincoln, MO by 11:00-11:30pm, but it ended up being 12:30am Sunday morning. The Gospel Light Fellowship church went out of their way to pick us up in the middle of the night and give us beds to sleep in. Some of the group got to bed by 1:00am, others didn’t get to bed till up to an hour later. Not ideal, but that’s how life goes sometimes. It just really throws us curveballs.

It’s now Sunday afternoon, but we weren’t asked to write about today, just about yesterday.


Written by the Bylers and a Mast and a Byler/Mast. Or, Jeremy, Kerri, Aaron & Alicia

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July 26, 2015 at 2:07 pm

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