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Monday, July 27: Day 3, Franklin, KY

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Monday. It was a very good Monday, for a Monday. Because Mondays are normally bad.

We got up early even though we wanted to sleep in. But we love Aaron and wanted to obey him. So that’s what happened. Then we said thank you to the people for letting us sleep in their beds. We gave them things (like soap and WD40, and other misc) to make them happy again. We went to the place where the bus was. It was a big bus. We like the bus.

After we loaded all things and all people into that bus, we drove. And we drove. And we drove some more. We drove so much that we went far away from where we were. We had been in misery because we were in Missouri. (Get it? Haha.) So we drove away VERY FAST to Kentucky, the land of horses and deep fried chicken. That makes us happy. J

SNOWMAN! That wakes many people up. CAT! Some people hate that game because it woke them up. What game is this? We don’t know, but it was loud. Some people like playing loud games. Rook should be quiet but it’s not. Daniel is sorry for being so loud.

Some people were also very bad. Or at least Susanna and Travis were bad. They made the cleaning crew slave away. And it was all because of these two individuals! Shame on them! Anyway, they must pay for their horrible crimes. For it says in Esephia 67:9 “Whosoever leaves an item on a bus must prove themselves for this deed of wickedness. They must submit in obedience and do whatever the cleaning committee commandeth of them. Thus shall they be turned from their forgetful ways ” So the verdict was decreed. Susanna must walk down the aisle of many people and seats. She must put on her head a pillow of softness and balance it thereof to the end without touching the people and seats. This is not an easy feat. However, she overcame these obstacles in her life and made it to the finish line. Yay! She is so happy now! And Travis decided such a fate was not worth a container of cheeseburger flavored chips. He is probably sad now because he lost his chips.

After a quick lunch and a long afternoon of random things that random people were doing on the bus as it drove very fast, we finally made it to Franklin Amish Mennonite Church in Kentucky where we ate taco salad, cantaloupe, and ice-cream for supper.  We rubbed our stomachs and got ready for yet another program. The program was very good. We and the people were blessed and God was glorified. That made God happy and that makes us happy.

Written by Daniel and Cindy Peters, for KYC


Written by kansasyc

July 28, 2015 at 11:23 am

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  1. Enjoying your comments on your log/blog! Blessings and prayers for strength and protection over the many miles!

    Susanna Y.

    July 28, 2015 at 11:38 am

  2. Great post! I always scroll down to see who wrote before I read and I knew it would be entertaining. You did not disappoint. 🙂


    July 29, 2015 at 1:52 pm

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