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Sunday, July 26: Day 2, Lincoln and Linn, MO

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Call time at Gospel Light Fellowship in Lincoln, MO was 9:15.  Most of the people didn’t have trouble getting there on time, though a few lacked slightly in complete promptness (blame it on the hosts).  We had some time for groggy warm-ups, before the 10:00 service.  Truman Yoder opened the service with devotions, after which our own James Shetler preached a message.  The actual program went fairly well even though some people were fairly tired.

After the program, we had a meal at church.  Of course, the choir was ushered through first, which made for very limited interaction between the locals and the foreigners, since we, sort of by default, just seemed to congregate in our own clumps.  The bus arrived sometime before 1:30 and we were heading around 2:00.  The bus ride was rather varied in people’s use of a Sunday afternoon.  Some napped, while others played invigorating games in the back of the bus.  We only experienced one minor hitch on this particular bus ride when the driver discovered that an outside compartment door was unlatched.

When we arrived at our destination, some of us were surprised to discover that we were at a horse riding arena with a reception hall of sorts close by.  It was a short wait until someone finally arrived to unlock the doors for us, but we finally got in.  The space was limited in the reception hall so we had to pile most of our luggage in a tiny room at the one end of the building.  The rest that didn’t fit, we had to put in the back of the main room where we gave the program.  The program went well despite the fact that the sound was rather dead simply because of the nature of the space that we were singing in.  When it was time to match hosts with choir members, we had to come up with some groups on the spot since nothing had been set up prior to that.  After the program, we had a meal at the church, which included several different flavors of homemade ice cream!  After plenty of time to chat and socialize, we all made our ways to the hosts places to try to get some sleep and rest up before another day on the bus.

Andrew Shenk and Valerie Nisly, for KYC


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