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July 28, Day 4: Westminster, South Carolina

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                         After being recipients of some great southern hospitality from the people of Franklin Mennonite Church in Kentucky, we were completely refreshed and incredibly pleased to see each other (yes?) at 7:15 (or shortly after).  Once we did roll call, we were once again on the road.

About ten minutes into our travels we stopped at a Walmart.  This was a stop of necessity, not just for pleasure’s sake.  The drink committee bought drinks to restock the ice chest.  So everybody was happy!

Hash time about the trip so far and about the program from the night before commenced once we were loaded again.  It was encouraging to hear different perspectives and how others have been blessed!

Next Jonny gave us a devotional on positive thinking, using the verse that talks about a sound mind, power, and love, instead of fear.  It was very up building, and definitely influenced our day positively.

During our peaceful quiet time, John, our bus driver suddenly hit the brakes.  We were in heavy traffic and came upon a stationary car, who had hit a packaged grill on the road.  John   merged to the left to avoid the problem and then said breathlessly, “Excuse me, while I start my heart again!”  Needless to say, it did disrupt our quiet time slightly.

After some more bus time, a rest stop, and some more bus time, we stopped for lunch.

One story from lunch time:  A group had gone to McDonalds, and after they were done eating, Vicky met a Christian lady in the restroom, who asked her some questions about who we are and what we are doing.  Vicky then explained who we are and mentioned that we would appreciate prayers.  The lady then said she would pray for us, and proceeded to pray for her right away!

The afternoon was filled with bus time, which was a time to relax or roam about in search of activities.  One activity that entertained a group of people was a jolly time of reading children’s stories.

Then we arrived at Foothills Fellowship in Westminster, South Carolina, which is a beautiful place with lots of trees and curves.   They fed us an amazing supper of subs.  We had prep-time, and then we gave the program.  At the beginning, we were a mixture of anticipation and apprehension.  But as we focused on God, we and the audience were blessed in worship!  Stephen shared an exceptionally touching testimony about his nephew before the song, “Like a Child”. Overall it was a wonderful program.

They then connected us to our hosts, and we immensely enjoyed our night with them.

Lillian and Anita, for KYC


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July 29, 2015 at 11:43 am

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  1. I’m so glad you were spared from an accident! How sweet of the lady to pray right there for Vicky. I love that kind of thing!


    July 29, 2015 at 1:58 pm

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