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July 29, Day 5: Limestone Correctional Facility, Birmingham Alabama

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On Tuesday night, when our call time was announced as being 7:15 once again, various groanings of dismay reflected how we felt.  This may have contributed to the not so timely departure time Wednesday morning.  Aaron encouraged us with, “We’re only as fast as our slowest person.”

We had a delightful time in South Carolina, although far too short for me with my sisters, Lisa and Laurie, and their families.  We said our farewells, boarded the bus, and after everyone was settled in, we proceeded with a short devotional by Nathan Peters.  He reminded us of God’s promises, specifically in our songs.  This was followed by a very welcome 30 plus minute quiet time.  Some of us tried to make up for the lack of sleep the night before!

One of the first activities of the day was a punishment session from the cleaning ladies for people who had left stray items on the bus.  First the items had to be claimed and then the guilty were required to come to the front of the bus with their water bottles.  Jessica, Stephen, Nate Yutzy, and Jonny got to gargle the song Jesus Loves Me into a mic so that all of us could enjoy their efforts.  It was highly enjoyable for the rest of us and they didn’t seem too traumatized by the experience—actually, they were really good sports.:)

After that, Arlyn, Nate, and Nathan Peters had a jolly little jam session in the back of the bus.  Lots of other people joined them in singing all kinds of songs for quite a long time.  Other people chilled in other parts of the bus, sleeping, talking, eating, and doing whatever.  Since we had gotten a bit of a late start, we didn’t have time to stop for lunch, so Cindy and Daniel ordered pizza and had it delivered to the church where we were headed for orientation.  As we devoured our pizza in the sanctuary of the church, Don Metzler, from We Care gave a little presentation on their ministry.  When he was finished, a prison chaplain gave us CHAPLAINCY TRAINING LEVEL 1 (that sounds very official, doesn’t it) and PREA training.  We enjoyed his dry sense of humor and also appreciated that he did the training in a concise 45 minutes, instead of the 1-4 hours we had been told to expect.  After orientation, we had a nice hour and a half for rest, relaxation, and recreation.

We changed at the church, and then headed to Limestone Correctional Facility.  We had a first—they fed us Subway Subs, chips, cookies, and punch.  I don’t remember ever being fed at a prison before!  It was really neat how the chaplain, the guards, and staff (some of the prisoners served the food and cleaned up after us) took care of us and really seemed to appreciate that we had come.  They were incredibly accommodating and welcoming.  We then experienced our warmest and perhaps most physically challenging program on tour.  We were in a large gym with no air conditioning, really loud fans, and a pretty terrible sound system.  The sound system at least kept our sound from being completely lost, but it was a bit echoing and awful part of the time.    The men there seemed pretty sad and discouraged, and someone mentioned that most of them are there for a long time.  Like Jon said it was a tough program, and yet at least some people really enjoyed it, and Jonny said it was his favorite program.  We pray that our songs and skit could have been an encouragement to them, and we know that God can take our feeble efforts and use them for His glory.

We had close to two hours to our motel that night.  On the way there, a group of girls came up with 80—“you’re my….to my…”  Example:  “You’re the spice to my chai”  and “You’re the cilantro to my salsa.”  That provided entertainment for quite awhile.  Other people played games and slept.  Most of us were fairly exhausted and ready for bed, but a few noble ladies washed our stinky and sweaty uniforms at a local laundromat.  Another energetic group went to Hardees for shakes and fries.  Eventually everybody made it to bed—our marvelously comfortable beds—and enjoyed a blessed night of rest!

VIcky and Melanie, for KYC


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