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July 30, Day 6: BCF and SCF, Alabama

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It was a muggy morning in northern Alabama as a sleepy group of young people ambled out of their hotel. Still trying to digest the hotel’s synthetic breakfast, they quickly posed for a group picture. They headed for Bibb County Correctional Facility. Once there, they organized themselves in a very straight line and entered the prison. They were placed in the amen corner of the nice sanctuary and waited while the prisoners filed in. A number of inmates performed some intense praise and worship/jazz/soul, it was stretching for the Mennonite young folks to see a different style of worship. Then the youth chorus awkwardly warmed up in front of the group. Finally, it was time to sing.  It was a hard transition from the very loud praise and worship to the soft chorus sound.  The inmates enjoyed it and seemed to engage with the message of the songs. One fellow was a little irreverent when he requested a song by an older rock band. But, the program was a success and the young folks headed out encouraged.

They were very hungry by the time they came to the motel. The young folks quickly jay-walked across the high-way and found restaurants filled with goodies. However, some struggled with the strong southern accents the employees had. One fellow just said “Yes” to her questions because he didn’t want to ask for a clarification. That afternoon, the Mennonites spread out, some went to a Bass Pro Shop, some relaxed at a coffee shop, and some slept. Since it was national cheese cake day, several ladies bought cheesecake cupcakes to celebrate.

Around five, they filled the bus up again and headed to Staton Correctional Facility. They just missed an afternoon rainstorm.  After security did pat-downs on everyone, they made their way to the church. The sanctuary was packed and the air was filled with energy. The chaplain practically defined the south, strong accent, very engaging, and dressed to a tee. After a rousing song by their worship team, KYC was on. The men whooped and cheered after each song. It seems there was a large core of very strong believers in this prison. This program seemed like a gift from God to the tired chorus. They left with emotions running high. They were singing, “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” as the bus pulled out of the prison drive. Since KYC was working under WeCare, they wanted to take everyone to SteakNShake for shakes. The place was packed but everyone got enough to eat. Back at the hotel , various activities broke out including spike-ball, jamming- which didn’t produce any actual jam, and walks. Eventually the tired young people all went to bed and slept quite well.

Written by Arlyn Miller and Nathan Peters, for KYC


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July 31, 2015 at 3:29 pm

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