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July 31, Day 7: Macon, Mississippi

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Friday morning dawned bright and beautiful, though the Alabama heat sank deep into our bones the moment we stepped outside our hotel door.  For most of us, the hour was not early, due to the long-awaited free morning.  We drifted out in clumps to forage for breakfast.  Some made the long trek to Steak’n’Shake, and according to reports, it was well worth the journey.  Others paid a visit to the ever-popular Starbucks, while others slipped across the parking lot to good ol’ faithful Mickey Dees. Still more dined cozily in the hotel lobby where they enjoyed much laughter and an education in Southern etiquette.

The bus departed at eleven o’clock (more or less) for a survival run to Walmart – the drinks were running low.  After its return, we loaded the luggage, and those who sought  bargains at the We Care Thrift Store jumped aboard.  It was a satisfying experience, perusing the many volumes of literature as well as combing racks for suitable apparel.  Of note-worthy interest, Stephan invested in a brand-new drinking contraption, which he donned before the bus even left the parking lot.  He reported it was purchased at the bargain price of four dollars.  During this time, another group of adventurers (wealthier?J) ambled into the Bass Pro Shop.  They browsed many items of great interest, including a moose and mountain goat battle, a shooting range that ate Kristi’s money, and lots of fake taxidermy.

At a little after one, the bus was once again full of people, and we began a small journey to Macon, Mississippi. We had no potty stops (which some felt quite deeply), but jolly times ensued.  Activities ranged from conversation on matters of nutrition to very noisy games of Spot-it in the back.  Travel within the bus proved quite challenging; the traffic jams abounded.

We arrived with about forty-five minutes to iron our raiment and prepare ourselves for the evening program.  Some of us fought riser wobbliness perhaps due to fatigue, heat, and lack of adequate sustenance.  The audience expressed their appreciation with gracious Southern hospitality, and choir members enjoyed socializing with the multitude of adorable children.  Our hosts took us to the school where they fed us delicious food and true Southern sweet tea.  Much to the delight of various choir members, the local youth group set up volleyball nets, and the games began. . . until an unfortunate event occurred in which our very own Jared fell upon his ankle and crumpled to the floor.  A somber cloud descended over the crowd as we gathered round his pallid form.  They carried him off the court, iced his ankle, and wrapped him in blankets.  The decision was made to wait until the next day to seek further medical attention.  Games resumed, and the day ended as we drove between the moonlit catfish ponds and wearily flopped into bed.

Norma Miller and Christy Miller, for KYC


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