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August 1, Day 8: Calico Rock Correctional Facility

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We started our morning by loading the bus at 7:50 (or 8 o’clock) in Macon, Mississippi.  Wesley had devotions on the bus.  He talked about the song Do Not I Love Thee and challenged us to not only say we devote all to Christ, but to actually do just that.  We then had 30 minutes of quiet time, followed by about 6 hours of not so quiet time.  Lunch was fast food, with McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC, and Long John Silver’s being the options.  It was good for the most part, although Tony’s lemonade tasted like the lemons used were a bit past their prime.  At about 3 o’clock, we stopped in at Shady Lawn Mennonite Church to change into our program clothes (blue shirts/black dresses).  We all got ready in about 20 minutes, then all got on the bus again (except James, Janet, Jared, and Travis, who went to the Emergency Room to get Jared’s ailing foot checked out.  Praise God it is only an ankle sprain, but keep him in your prayers as he recovers).  Once everyone was on the bus, we took off for the prison, and after about an hour of driving, we arrived.  After checking in and waiting for a good part of an hour, we delivered about a 40 minute program, including the skit.  The inmates really seemed to enjoy the program, especially the skit.  Then, we drove back to Shady Lawn, where our host families had gathered to take us to their respective homes, where we ate supper.  Then everyone slept fitfully.  The end.


  1. Tonight, we finally got Andrew and Arlyn separated for the night. They had spent the previous 3 nights together, and had some rough nights apparently, because somewhere along the line, they decided that they were ducks, which has made bus life interesting.  It’s safe to say that “Quack Quack” has been the most used phrase in the last several days.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Nathan Yutzy and Darren Shetler, for KYC


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