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August 2, Day 9: Shady Lawn and Labette Baptist

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Sunday, August 2, 2015 there were two programs on the schedule. We had a 9 AM call time at Shady Lawn Mennonite Church. People did not observe the call time once again, so we eventually warmed up. Aaron had prep time in which he talked about being prepared or not being ready. James preached a short sermon about Peter’s personality. The concert was in classic morning style with loads of energy and cracking voices. Everything went smoothly with the average number of testimonies, some of which were serious and others more humorous. The ensemble song was a hit with the congregation because there was a special request to re-sing it. There may have been a standing ovation after the final chord died away.  We ate lunch in a rushed fashion because of needing to be on the road by 12:45 PM.  The meal consisted of a pasta and chicken dish with salad and bread. As good as the main course sounds, it was in no way the best part of the meal. The desert table consisted of ice cream and toppings with brownies.

The road trip to Labette Baptist Church began at approximately 1 PM. The first twenty minutes of the journey was rather talkative but then a hush fell over the bus as people began to sleep. That particular silence lasted about two hours and fifteen minutes. As individuals rubbed the nap residue from their eyes, talking and games started to dot the bus-scape. Another note of interest might be that this was a nonstop ride, so restroom breaks were limited to the . . . . Kevin Nisly had prep time on the bus talking about personal change. At some point in the mix Norma Miller and Lillian Eash gave their fair well speeches. This unusual development came about because they along with Heidi King had a destination in mind that was about one thousand miles away. We arrived at the destination at approximately 6:10 PM, and were dressed and warming up by 6:30 PM.

7 PM found the choir prepared and ready to sing for a packed house. The concert went as well as expected. We did have some difficulties with exiting and entering the stage area. There was an increase in testimonies in this concert probably because it was the last one on tour. During the skit break Nathan Yutzy was fist bumping the entire choir. After the program concluded there was a fellowship meal in which the line moved very slowly that allowed the entire choir group to finish before the line went through. After the meal we found out who the host and guest groups were. Then we all disappeared.

Crystal Nisly and Loren Nisly, for KYC


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