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August 3, Day 10: Traveling Home

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On Monday, August 3rd at 9 a.m. the chorus met at Labette Baptist Church to head home to our beloved Hutchinson, Kansas. We drove for two hours and stopped in Augusta for ice cream cones that Brian and Cynthia Shenk so kindly paid for.  After that leisurely stop, we boarded the bus and continued onward to Cedar Crest Church where all our loved ones were eagerly awaiting our arrival.  Before we arrived at our destination, we discussed how tour went this year and there were many pleasant responses and loving words.  After our hash time, Andrew and Arlyn so graciously serenaded us with a song they had written.  The song consisted of twelve verses.  Each verse stating a short highlight that happened in every state we stayed in.  And if you would like to hear their song, feel free to go to the Kansas Youth Chorus facebook page.  After their song, the chorus people sang the traditional “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”  Within two miles of arriving at Cedar Crest, the whole bus was pleasantly surprised to see familiar faces standing by the highway waving to us from afar! And thus, tour 2015 ended with happy smiles and good cheer.

Marsha Ropp and Kendra Shetler, for KYC


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August 3, 2015 at 9:27 pm

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